When the warmest day of the year for me was in the triple digits. Its only 91 degrees outside but it is so humid i feel like i’d trade it for 115 degree ( as long as I wasn’t standing outside in it). [Insert Joke Here] …It was so hot today, that lawyers actually had they’re hands […]

Memory Lane

Ageless Beauty by Stars Sooo I had some extra time to kill before meeting up with boyfriend tonight (mmm Grogg Shope goodness!) Decided to take a trip down memory music lane. When I was a sophomore in high school I worked at The Icing by Claire’s at Paradise Valley mall and they used to play […]


Of all the gin joints in all the world, I find myself at the parker inn again. Frustrated. At myself and the world. There’s about a million things I could be doing with my time. Instead I’m mostly sleeping, eating, and working at a job I hate. ( The job itself isn’t so bad, but its […]

Fun Times at DSS

Another interesting day in the life of vagabond Alycia J. Bacon.  Started the day with a morning cup of Department of Social Services. (Rock bottom anybody? Bueller?) Always a lovely way to start the day- she wrote sarcastically… What I do know is that it took some encouragement ( and a little more than just “encouragement”) […]

Gas Leaks and Evacuations

Updating again from the Parker Inn. Evacuated from work and sent home early. Not as exciting as it sounds. Mostly just cold… anticipating if tomorrow brings a paid day off ( happy enough for unpaid). Stillll, the theme of the moment is acceptance. This whole coming of age, defining who we are thing… Accepting myself […]

Here’s to Us

Hello World! I am in many ways slacking on my blogging this year. Along with my many resolutions that I should have made on the New Year. ( including harassing Obama over the healthcare crisis…) I was suppose to ring the new year in blogging. Well its almost 1 month later and I am just […]

How Did You Find This Number?

It’s late Thursday morning on a cold, wet, and rainy day.  I’ve moved 3 times. But I’m kinda getting used to it. I’m like a gypsy in the night and some day I will master the ability to be packed and ready to go in under 2 hours. (Not likely though.) I’m finding myself lacking […]

Live! From the Parker Inn!

FYI I believe someone got into a fatal fight here earlier this week, which lead to their unfortunate demise… Regardless, Here I am after work. Waiting for the bus home to my baby. I realize as a Christian of (almost) 23 years, cohabitation prior to marriage is a (really big) no no but honestly I’ve […]

It Goes So Quickly

Another eventful week over.  Some how even the uneventful and can seem eventful. And am I the only one who’s life seems to unfold like a critically acclaimed television show? A couple of weeks ago I made a vow to myself to save the drama for my fiction stories and keep my life at a […]